We recently met with Founder, Catherine Devine and learned about the motivation behind her innovative business, Pumpskynz. Catherine herself has lived in Donegal for since 1999, but has been coming over from London since she was a baby – her mother, Mary Kate Cook is from Lower Main Street. Catherine is well known locally from her former position as senior journalist with the Donegal News.

Catherine’s business – Pumpskynz, provide practical, and fun accessories for insulin pumps and glucose monitoring systems.  Joyful, unique and colourful products created for those living with Type 1 Diabetes – by a Type 1 Diabetic.

Pumpskynz encourage people with diabetes to show off their insulin pumps and CGMs – with pride! Catherine’s mission with Pumpskynz is to make managing diabetes more enjoyable, one accessory at a time.

Congratulations are in order, as last Friday Catherine was named as one of two winners of the €4,000 Yes You Can pitching competition at the All-Island Entrepreneurs Conference.

The idea for Pumpskynz was sparked when Catherine herself was carefully choosing a cover for her new iPhone, and wondered… why is it that we can easily find and purchase colourful, personalised protective covers for our phones – but when Catherine was seeking stylish accessories for her own insulin pump (an essential, life-changing device) she found the options out there were extremely limited, and frankly, not very exciting to look at!

From that day in 2019 – the entrepreneurial spark was ignited in Catherine, having discovered that what she was looking for simply didn’t exist, Catherine thought – why not create it and bring it to market herself?!

With a focus on high quality materials, without compromising on fun styles, Catherine designed her ideal accessories and today has both wholesale and direct to consumer, customers – all over the world! Including key distribution partnerships in with leading diabetic specialist supply companies in the UK (Diabetic Supply) as well as partners in South America and the Middle East.

Pumpskynz come in a range of fashionable and fun colours and allow people with Type 1 to put their own stamp on the management of a condition where so much is outside their control, especially important to children and young adults who can find the equipment intimidating. The innovation involved is endless, including is a glow in the dark range, practical for night-time checks and finding side buttons.

As Catherine can attest to – being a warrior with diabetes is challenging, but expressing oneself is empowering. Pumpskynz was created to help people feel supported and confident in showing off their pumps. Catherine receives glowing and heartfelt reviews from loyal customers, which validates the massive effort involved in creating an export-product business.

Pumpskynz are mission-led and socially conscious in terms of the needs of their community – donating 50 cents from every cover sold to diabetes-related charities around the world. To date, Catherine has completed the Local Enterprise Ambition programme, and New Frontiers – both of which have provided mentorship, strategic advice and key financial investment to help fully realise the ambition, and level-up the business. Catherine next hopes to forge more retail connections here and abroad, and has some exciting collaborations in the pipeline.

We are delighted to welcome Catherine to Letterkenny Chamber! If you would like to learn more about Pumpskynz or make contact in relation to collaboration or stocking Pumpskynz – please visit: https://pumpskynz.com/  or email hello@pumpskynz.com


Welcome New Chamber Member – Pumpskynz

by Marie Shields time to read: 2 min