We were delighted and grateful to partner with the Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce to host a webinar and update their Membership on key and pending changes in Employment Legislation – Tips & Gratuities in December 2022, the Statutory Sick-Pay Scheme and Increase in National Minimum Wage which came into effect from January 1, 2023, , and the Right to Remote Working.

With a Membership in excess of 250 businesses, it was an ideal opportunity to update the business community of changes to the legislation. It was also an opportunity to ‘showcase’ Boyd HR and remind Business Owners that, similar to the Chamber, we are in the business of supporting them in every way possible. We applaud the efforts and numerous initiatives by the Chamber to make the County a place of first choice in the region to do business. We are proud to be Chamber Members for the past twenty four years and we look forward to supporting them into the future.

Michael Boyd

Owner/Manager, Boyd HR


Covid 19 brought many challenges, its been a tough and unusual time for businesses in Ireland. The Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce was a huge support and helped us navigate through the ever changing environment we were in. Always at the end of the phone or email we have immense support from the Board and committee members. The peer support it offers is also fantastic with all the local members pooling together to share information and ideas on how we can help each other survive and re build. It has been an invaluable resource for JT Physiotherapy and I would certainly recommend anyone in business to join.

Johnny Loughrey

JT Physiotherapy


As a proud member of Letterkenny Chamber, we can attest to the tremendous value our membership brings. From networking opportunities to knowledge sharing, being a part of the Letterkenny Chamber community has helped us to grow our presence in the Letterkenny and wider Donegal area.

We also recently collaborated with the Chamber team by running an event, enabling us to forge new connections with industry professionals and increase our brand presence. The wide-ranging membership base of the Chamber, along with their supportive team allowed the event to be a great success.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Letterkenny Chamber and becoming a member – it is a fantastic way of promoting your business and ensuring your business is represented at both a local and national level.

Sean McDermott

Owner, LoughTec


Chamber Membership is a good investment. We recommend it very highly.

During the COVID crisis Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce has shown excellent leadership and support. Like so many members, we have been so grateful to the Chamber, for the timely help, useful advice and some very valuable resources for training or supports, from many agencies, such as the LEO, the Council and Chambers Ireland.

Best of all, the Chamber Team set up a WhatsApp group which helped us local business owners all stay connected and share news, ask for help or get advice from each other. We were not alone, even as we were in lockdown. Many of us got our updates and local news through the WhatsApp group, letting us know how things went in real time, as businesses started to reopen.

In the past, I have heard the odd person question the value of Chamber membership, usually when they do not get involved much, I doubt we will hear that in Letterkenny in the near future. Our Chamber constantly shows great leadership and provides support, so we highly recommend every business to join and then ‘get involved’.

Michael MacGinty

Business Growth Specialist, MEANit Web Design Agency