Irish company – with part of their team based in Donegal – (Mark Bentley) GRID is proud and passionate about helping small businesses thrive by building their financial resilience – they believe that financially stronger small businesses are better for our society because they are more sustainable and can have a greater impact in the communities, they work in.


GRID Finance was founded in 2013 by Derek Foley Butler and Sean O’Riordan. Dedicated to supporting the growth and expansion of small to medium businesses in Ireland -their team is committed to providing quick access to capital, advice and tools that will help small businesses grow.


“We are driven by the belief that small businesses are the engine of change in society. GRID enables these creators and doers to generate economic activity that creates employment because of the products they have built and services they deliver. The impact that business owners have on broader society is discreet, un-celebrated and profound. They are the people worthy of backing and support as they are the true vehicle of change in our society. We are delighted to welcome you to the GRID and wish you every success as you grow your business.” – Derek.


GRID is building a network of business owners and decision makers that grow their business with GRID. They provide business owners with the best fund-raising experience in the market giving credit-worthy businesses quick and easy access to finance. The GRID works with business owners to provide an engaging, straight – forward destination for growing their business. GRID demystifies finance for small business owners by helping them understand their options and what’s right for their business.


Learn more about Grid Finance and their suite of financial services and supports, here or get in touch with Greg Bauer on or call 01 685 3004 – to find out more. Wishing GRID continued success – and we are delighted to welcome the team to Letterkenny Chamber.


Welcome New Chamber Member – GRID Finance

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