Get expert HR software and support from our new award-winning partners, BrightHR!

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with BrightHR–a leading, award-winning HR and health & safety software provider.

What is BrightHR?

BrightHR supports over 95,000 global clients, with an extensive suite of award-winning HR software, tools, health & safety support, and specialist expert employment law advice.

BrightHR is designed to help you transform your people management. It’s built with the small business owner in mind, offering tools to assist not only with HR and employment on a granular level but with bigger-picture solutions like business networking and advertising.

Where our membership supports you with business development, BrightHR helps connect you with your people. Because if you have a solid foundation of people management tools, compliant employment documents, and HR support you can grow brand awareness and better connect your with the wider business community.

Working with BrightHR to provide our members with HR and business support tools is a natural fit that aligns with our mission to help SMEs and grow our local economy in Ireland.

As such, we’re offering you an exclusive member-only discount on BrightHR’s easy-to-use products.

Our new partnership with BrightHR helps you:

  • Expand your business network by combining our community with BrightHR’s community.
  • Grow your business and increase brand awareness with an online marketplace, exclusively for Irish businesses.
  • Give you peace of mind when it comes to legislation changes and staff compliance with a FREE employment law advice line (available 24/7). And a library of up-to-date policies including contracts and documents.
  • Keep your customers and employees safe with BrightSafe health & safety software and support.
  • Take your business productivity to the next level with world-class people management software.

To better serve our vibrant and growing business community, our partnership with BrightHR will allow us to continue to support local businesses and deliver on a progressive, economic, social, and sustainability agenda as we innovate together.

You can use this bespoke link to get a FREE demo of the product, request pricing, or make a purchase.

Welcoming New Member & Partnership with BrightHR

by Marie Shields time to read: 1 min