Kieran and Chris came to visit us recently, we discussed their impressive experience in digital marketing and videography – we also learned about some of their interesting Donegal client projects!

Kieran Moore (CEO, Inbound Studios) has over twelve years of experience in digital marketing – a certified member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, who has also contributed to MII programs, and is partnered with Hubspot, Kieran has a fantastic mix of business experience and digital expertise across inbound marketing, ecommerce, and SEO.

Chris Kelly (Owner, Dip Dab Media) is a video producer with over ten years of experience in videography; with a flair for creating effective videos, working well to – and elevating, a client brief to deliver unique video content for clients such as TedX and Donegal brand – The Muff Liquor Company.

Kieran and Chris are collaborators and are both at the helm at Inbound Studios X Dip Dab. Derry based but with global experience; the agency has helped to scale and deliver effective digital content campaigns for businesses and organisations in Donegal, Derry, Belfast, Dublin, London and beyond!

Kieran and Chris have a very creative yet practical approach to marketing; given their own entrepreneurial backgrounds they fully understand the importance of measurable results – and develop memorable brand campaigns with lasting impact for their clients.

Inbound Studios help clients to boost their online presence and rank high on search engines. Specialising in professional videography as well as the development of high-ranking SEO websites which help their clients to attract more customers and build a strong online presence.

Clients include Donegal based (and now, of Netflix fame!) – Wild Ireland as well as fellow Chamber Members, The Sandwich Co.

“I had a wonderful experience working with Kieran on the development of our online catering service for The Sandwich Co. I found them to be honest and reliable. Their expertise in web design was evident throughout the development process, resulting in a fantastic online catering platform that was easy to use for us and the customer. The team was always available to answer any questions and provide support when needed.” Paul McCole – CEO, The Sandwich Co.

Web Design: Inbound Studios design and develop high-ranking SEO websites that are optimized to increase online visibility and drive traffic, websites are built with a customer-centric approach, providing visitors with a seamless user experience that leads to increased engagement and conversion rates.

Videography services: From storyboard concept through to expert delivery of your ideal video, Inbound/Dip Dab provide promotional videos, explainer videos, product demos as well as events footage; videos to capture attention online and to best reflect and showcase, their client’s project.

Get in touch with Kieran and Chris with your web design, inbound marketing and video project queries –

We’re delighted to welcome the innovative Inbound Studios to Letterkenny Chamber!


Welcome New Letterkenny Chamber Member – Inbound Studios

by Marie Shields time to read: 2 min