Letterkenny Chamber  has officially released its comprehensive Local Government Manifesto for 2024, outlining a strategic vision to enhance the socio-economic and environmental landscape of Letterkenny and the wider North West Region. This manifesto, reflecting the collective priorities of its 300+ members, emphasizes key areas critical for sustainable development and community growth.

The manifesto highlights the pivotal role local authorities have played over the past five years, demonstrating the importance of collaboration and responsiveness. Claire McDonough, President of the Letterkenny Chamber, commenting on the manifesto said, “This document is a catalyst for debate and discussion and in it we are stressing that we need ambitious local government candidates who understand pressing issues and are committed to rapid, sustained change.  Letterkenny Chamber encourages all potential councillors to do everything in their power to ensure that the deficits are addressed so that together we can deliver on our shared ambitions.”

The manifesto is structured around three main priorities:

Infrastructure for the Future   – emphasising the need for robust infrastructure to support economic activities, attract investment, and enhance quality of life. Calling for rapid delivery of social housing projects and doing everything they can to solve the defective blocks crisis and to improve housing availability and affordability. Advocating for a streamlined planning system to support swift development of essential infrastructure.

Vibrant Towns and Villages   – Promoting thriving, inclusive towns that are attractive for living, working, and visiting.  Urging for increased ambition in the Town Centre First initiative and better collaboration between local authorities and national bodies.  Stressing the importance of safe, welcoming public spaces to foster social interaction and regional growth.

Green Ambition – Highlighting Co. Donegal’s potential in green energy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, create jobs, and mitigate climate change.

Toni Forrester, Letterkenny Chamber CEO calls on all local election candidates “to embrace these priorities and work collaboratively with the business community to drive meaningful, timely, and sustainable change. The manifesto serves as a blueprint for future development, ensuring the prosperity of Letterkenny and the North West Region.”

Local Government Manifesto 


Letterkenny Chamber Unveils Ambitious Local Election Manifesto for 2024

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