Thank you to Brody Sweeney and all of those who joined us on Thursday 28th of September, for our ‘Into the Northwest – Entrepreneurial Edit, Event’ and to Andy Davitt from Camile Thai Letterkenny for the delicious food!

Brody Sweeney, Founder of Camile Thai Kitchen, shared the honest highs and lows (and everything in-between!) of entrepreneurship with our CEO Toni Forrester and the audience.

We learned from Brody’s lessons in resilience, how to plan for success in business – but always be open to changing even the best laid plans – and the strategic advice around the franchised restaurant business model.

A captivating conversation full of honesty, intelligence, practical wisdom – and great craic to boot!

Thank you also to the team at SafeTech Letterkenny for the brilliant facilities!

An Evening in Conversation with Brody Sweeney – Founder Camile Thai Kitchen

by Marie Shields time to read: 1 min