Financial Wellbeing for SMEs

Financial Wellbeing for SMEs

As a business owner you need to protect your financial wellbeing by balancing day to day financial demands of your business while building resilience to be able to manage future financial shocks.





Bank of Ireland has developed supports to enhance your business financial wellbeing. One support is our Business Financial Wellbeing seminar for SME’s. This talk covers:

  •  What is Financial Wellbeing
  • Basics of business financial wellbeing for small business owners such as separating your finances, cash flow management, planning for the unexpected
  • Business Lending basics
  • How bank of Ireland can support you and your businesses financial wellbeing

This talk takes 40 mins, allowing time for Q&A, delivered digitally on zoom.

Event Information

}  March 25, 2021
  Thursday, 08:30 to 09:15
n  Member Lead Event
  Finance, Member Lead, Planning

Event Organizer

   Letterkenny Chamber

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