Thank you to Chamber Members – Kieran Moore MMII & Christopher Kelly from Inbound Studios/DipDab for delivering the ‘Think Like a Video Marketer’ Event today. Thanks also to everyone who joined us this morning!

A full house in CoLab – who kindly hosted and sponsored the educational event – thank you Patsy Donaghy and Michelle Reynolds for the warm welcome and great facilities.

So many clever and practical insights were shared, sure to inspire us to make and market our videos effectively.


Been wondering how to get the most from video content for your business/organisation’s marketing campaigns?

Kieran and Chris are experienced in creating successful marketing campaigns which increase brand awareness, land conversions and deliver purposeful content to the right audiences.

In this session we learned about:

Briefing and scripting a video that resonates and best reflects your brand
Design thinking, the purpose and structure behind meaningful video campaigns
The metrics that really matter for your video marketing to reach the right audiences
Successful case studies from Donegal brands Wild Ireland and Inishowen Development Partnership
Correct formats and the simple yet effective technical specifications needed to post and promote video content
Quality over quantity, the best practice advice on lengths and promotional channels
Repurposing content to get a longer lifespan from your video footage
How to make the most of your video marketing by getting the best return on investment of your budget and time

When done well, video is a dynamic and memorable representation of your brand, this session aims to clarify the best way to help video marketing to open doors for your organisation, and make a lasting impression on your target market.

Think Like a Video Marketer Event July 2023

by Marie Shields time to read: 1 min