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Governement Announces Review of Capital investment

The North West Must Get it's Share of Capital Funding

Commenting on the announcement by Minister Donohoe and Minister Noonan of the Capital Plan Review, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland said, “We welcome today’s announcement of the process for review of the Capital Plan in 2017 and the commitment to prioritise investment in infrastructure that will support Ireland’s sustainable economic development. Ireland’s infrastructure stock will require significant investment in the coming years to enable future economic growth.”

“As our economy and population continues to grow, there will be increased pressure on our existing infrastructure, which has also suffered badly from under investment over recent years. If we are to meet the demands of our growing economy then Ireland urgently needs significant increases in capital investment. This is particularly the case, if we aspire to attract additional foreign direct investment from multi-nationals who may wish to leave the UK following their EU exit, we must also ensure that our infrastructure can meet the additional demands this growth will create.”

“The review of the Capital Plan provides a welcome opportunity for Government to prioritise the most strategically important infrastructure projects that can deliver long-term sustainable economic growth.”

Letterkenny Chamber , CEO, Toni Forrester added, "We see the North West as particularly vulnerable in terms of Brexit. We are working together with our colleagues in Derry to develop the North West City Region and one of the biggest game changers would be investment in infrastructure.  It is vital for the future development of the County and region. We will do our best to lobby the government to ensure that North West is recognised in the Capital Budget review."

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