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Pontemed Ireland

PelviPower - Power from the Core

PelviPower strengthens the musculature using magnetic field therapy. Stronger effect than standard independent training. PelviPower is a non-invasive training method. Training can be performed on the chair wearing normal clothing.

The newly developed PelviPower-Training. addresses a growing need in all sections of society. Most people in  society work in a seated position. And even when we move, we still spend long periods sitting in cars, trains and airplanes. At the gym, we tend to work on our exterior musculature. But often we forget the important core of our bodies – the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscular system
PelviPower-Training is a convenient method. It is non-invasive and can therefore be performed fully dressed, sitting down, and at any time.
We are delighted to bring  innovative and holistic treatment .
PelviPower strengthens the musculature using magnetic field therapy.


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Scally Place, Justice Walsh Road, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal

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Pontemed Ireland

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