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JT Physiotherapy

Your Partner in Health

JT Physiotherapy provides top quality physiotherapeutic and health diagnosis, treatment and advice helping you improve health and functional well-being.

At JT Physiotherapy we will listen carefully to the information you provide us with and gain an in-depth insight into how the injury is affecting your daily lifestyle. We will then conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment and use a combination of medical screening tests to determine what is causing your pain or tissue damage. Once this has been determined we will give you an understanding of why the injury has come about, provide you with a treatment plan going forwards and give you advice on how you can prevent this from worsening or happening again in the future.

At JT Physiotherapy we provide an extensive list of treatments including hands on treatment, manual therapy, dry needling, sports massage, joint manipulation, stretching programmes, strengthening programmes, pilates, taping, strength and conditioning, injury screening, orthotics, and electrotherapy.

Treatment is a team effort between yourself and the therapist. Here at JT Physiotherapy we realise the importance of patient participation. To make a full recovery you need to be motivated and take responsibility for your part in the treatment process (complying with advice and exercise prescription).

Who do we treat
At JT Physiotherapy we are proud to say we treat patients from every walk of life, be it a 70 year old with very little experience in exercise to professional and Olympic athletes. We are about finding your baseline level of conditioning or fitness and take active steps towards improving it. The clinic has a warm friendly atmosphere and no one should feel worried about attending whatever your injury or level of fitness.


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7 Tara Court, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal

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JT Physiotherapy

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