Innovating In a Pandemic Award

Innovating In a Pandemic Award Sponsored by FM Services Group

This award is to celebrate those businesses that were able to innovate during the pandemic. Businesses that pivoted from their normal activities to reach new customers, those that changed their whole way of working successfully and others that had to go out for completely new markets.

The awards are open to all size and types of company and are not restricted to Chamber Members.

They are FREE to enter.




Application Form

Innovating in a Pandemic

Business Details

Please give a brief description of your business including the product or services it supplies and the markets.
During this period of Covid-19 restrictions what actions did you take in terms of innovation to sustain your business? If the innovation was in your plan for the future what did you do to implement it quicker?
Have the innovative processes/procedures/ products remained and how have they impacted the growth of your business?
Has this crisis enhanced your innovation or creativity?
Why should you win? What makes you stand out from your competitors?