Health & Well Being Award

Health and Well Being Award sponsored by Optum

This award offers applicants the opportunity to receive recognition for initiatives or projects that promote health & well being . This can be an initiative that impacts the health & well being of employees or the wider community. It can be a one off initiative or an ongoing strategy. We are looking for tangible and measurable outputs.


The awards are open to all size and types of company and are not restricted to Chamber Members.


They are FREE to enter.



Application Form

Health and Wellbeing Award

Business Details

Please give a brief description of your business including the product or services it supplies and the markets.
In what ways does your organisation embrace and enhance the health & wellbeing of your business, employees or community?
Demonstrate how your initiative/project impacted the health & wellbeing agenda?
How do you measure the success of the initiative/strategy?
Why should you win? What makes you stand out from your competitors?