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Planning for Growth Workshop (Town Centre Focus)


We need your involvement and want you to have your say!

Letterkenny Chamber in partnership with Donegal CountyCouncil invites you, as an important business stakeholder and citizen, to takepart in consultation workshops to inform the preparation of a Plan forLetterkenny.

The ambition within which the Plan for Letterkenny is beingprepared is that the town will grow its population to +35,000 people and itwill offer all the ingredients of a future city including employment, housingchoice, high quality of life, a vibrant town centre, community and socialamenities and positive public and civic space.

This project is a County wide and regionally significantpiece of work. It is reinforced by the identification of Letterkenny as aregional centre in the Government’s National Planning Framework and it willrecognise the strategic role of Letterkenny as part of the North West CityRegion.

The Plan will contain a suite of policies and objectivessupported by land use zoning that will guide the development of Letterkenny. Itwill also identify and prioritise the essential infrastructure and investmentneeded to support the planned growth. 

Your participation is essential in order to co-producethis project to grow Letterkenny.


Tuesday 22nd May 2018 at6pm                             Introductory workshop addressing the broad issues across the entire plan area

Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 6pm                              Town centre focussed

Register your interest by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. assoon as possible to enable us to fully cater for all.

Workshops will be held in local venues in Letterkenny to beconfirmed.


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