Business Excellence Award

Business Excellence Award sponsored by Co-Lab

This award is about innovation and business development, not just about size or sales.

Applications are invited from businesses that can demonstrate excellence in one or more of the following areas – Business Development, Systems or Managerial Processes.

The awards are open to all size and types of company and are not restricted to Chamber Members.

They are FREE to enter.




Application Form

Business Excellence Award

Business Details

Your name or the person who will be responsible for the entry.
Please give us the email address of the person who can answer questions about this entry
Please give a brief description of your business including the product or services it supplies and the markets.
Outline the processes or systems that have contributed to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of your organisation?
Demonstrate how your strategy is reflected in how your business operates?
Explain the systems/checks that are in place that will ensure business excellence is maintained and enhanced.
Why should you win? What makes you stand out from your competitors?