Sustainable Superstar Award

Sustainable Superstar sponsored by Eirgrid


This award is centred around how a business is embracing sustainable development goals (SDGs). It is not just about climate change or green credentials. It is about making changes that benefit our futures and enhance towns, cities, communities and industries. The business will be assessed on initiatives that have SDGs as their central goal.


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Sustainable Superstars

Business Details

A Brief Description of your business.(let us know the products or services supplied, your customers and the markets you operate in).
In what ways have you positioned sustainable development goals (SDGs) at the centre of your business strategy.
What actions have you taken to become a driver for change in your community or industry sector?
Explain and demonstrate how you approach sustainable development?
How do you meausre your business against the UN SDGs?
Why should you win this award? (100 words or less)