Excellence in Marketing, Digital and/or Social Media

Excellence in Marketing, Digital and/or Social Media sponsored by Champions Travel


The award is aimed at businesses that have embraced Marketing, Digital and Social Media to develop their business. For businesses that are use all relevant marketing channels to increase sales and develop their brand. We are looking for businesses that can demonstrate growth in sales and brand awareness through their Marketing strategy.


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Excellence in Marketing, Digital and/or Social Media

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A brief description of your business. (Let us know the product or services supplied, your customers and the markets).
Outline the marketing tools and techniques you use for your business and explain your marketing approach.
What social media channels do you engage with?
What other digital tools do you use in your business?
Do you have a social media strategy in place? Explain how this is developed and implemented.
Demonstrate how your marketing and social media strategy have assisted in the growth of your business?
How do you measure the effectiveness? Give us a sense of the effectiveness of campaigns and how you use this information to inform future campaigns?
Why should you win this award?